Oct.17, 2018, TORIENA’s new album “SIXTHSENSE RIOT” will be released !!!

We will release TORIENA’s new album “SIXTHSENSE RIOT” in Oct.17, 2018.
She release her album for the first time in 3 years, and we are very grad to deliver her music for you.

In this album, she makes her music with her voval, based on not only chiptune, but also EDM, Future base, Pala Pala Dance; you can listen her emotional and energetic sound from those songs.

And in commemoration of her new album, we will hold the release-party at Shibuya WOMB in Oct. 20th.

▼Detail information of “SIXTHSENSE RIOT”
¥2,315 + tax
Publisher : stereo Co., Ltd.
Ⓟ&Ⓒ2018 MADMILKY RECORDS / SHIBUCITY inc. Made in Japan / MMLK-0001

2.I’m an Ordinary Girl
6.HI-NRG MONSTER (feat. nagomu tamaki)
7.TIME CAPSULE (feat. Yunomi)
10.RAT RACE (feat.MC8bit)
12.Life is a game

▼Detail information of Release Party “SIXTHSENSE RIOT”
Oct.20th, 2018 at Shibuya Womb Live
OPEN17:00 / START 17:30
Adv:3000yen+1D Door:3500yen+1D
*we will announce who will perform in this event in Sep.17th.


Jan 4th – 7th 2018: TORIENA will play at MAGfest !

TORIENA will play at MAGfest, held in US, Jan 4th – 7th 2018 !!!

Short for “Music And Gaming Festival,” MAGFest is a four day-long event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community.
The event runs 24 hours a day, and offers consoles, arcades, tabletop, LAN, live video game cover bands, chiptunes, vendors, guest speakers, and much much more.

We will sell her CDs and goods, too. Please come and see her performance!

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“TORIENA” will make mejor debut with her EP “MELANCOZMO”!!!

“TORIENA” will make mejor debut with her EP “MELANCOZMO”.
TORIENA will release “MELANCOZMO” at itunes store (only digital) at Aug.21, with a major record company, TOYS FACTORY. (The advance reservation and the pre-sales of “Rai Rai Tenshin” start at Aug.4)
When you listen this EP, you definitely fell and enjoy TORIENA’s identety, complex of pops and chiptune.

▼Special Web Site (Japanese only)



Now, we open the English website of TORIENA!

TORIENA is Japanese Chiptune musician and plays mainly in Tokyo.
Check her activity and when TORIENA play on abroad, come and join her live!

▼TORIENA’s Profile
Chiptune girl from Kyoto and one of cofounder of MADMILKY RECORDS.
She makes pop and hard music using LSDj and the original GAMEBOY.
Besides making music, she also designs logos and artworks all by herself.
*HYPER JAPAN FES 2017 (England)
*Square Sounds Melborne 2015 (Australia)
*Lucca comics&games 2015 (Italy)
*producing game music of Konami, Capcom


July 14th – 16th HYPER JAPAN FES 2017

July 14th – 16th, TORIENA will perform at HYPER JAPAN FES 2017 which will be held at Tobacco Dock, London.

TORIENA will play at HYPER LIVE stage on July 14th and 16th. July 15th, she will offer the workshop about Chiptune music with Shirobon, who is the Endlish electronic musician.

After the performance, we will sell some goods and CD of TORIENA. You should check it, too!

▼Message from TORIENA for HYPER JAPAN



September 16th and 17th SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO 2017

September 16th and 17th, TORIENA will perform at SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO 2017 which will be held at Koenji High.

SQUARE SOUNDS TOKYO is one of the biggest event of chiptune music and Low Bit, many chiptune artist will perticipate, not only from Japan but also from abroad.
In 2017, they will have 4days(include the pre-event and the post event). Check it out and come join us!!

▼About Square Sounds Tokyo
On September 16th and 17th, 19 musicians and visualists from around the globe will perform some of the best chipmusic the world has to offer at world class Tokyo venue, Koenji High.

The festival, brought to you by the team behind the successful Blip Tokyo events as well as CheapBeats records, continues the tradition established by the first Square Sounds held in Melbourne, Austrialia. We have a massive 2 day main event bookended by pre and post parties, showcasing an astonishing range of genres and styles all routed in the chipmusic aesthetic.

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